Monthly Archives: March 2015

Grieving the Locusts

In response to Exodus 10:13-19

Blinded to the Lord, I was resistant to change. I was resistant to even see Him. But He was right there beside me. He was within me, dwelling in silence to deaf ears and invisible to blind eyes. Yes, I was a stubborn, useless child.

But I am His little baby girl, and out of pure love, the Lord’s east wind brought locusts to gnaw their way through all my flesh. They were oppressive. They covered all the land with darkness. 

Regrettably, I became accustomed to the locusts, even treasured them as they slowly destroyed me. There was nothing fruitful left around me; the locusts ate everything that could flourish or blossom.

Although rebelliously comfortable, I was miserable enough that my eyes finally opened. I could see my sin. I could see how complacent I had been. I became aware of the danger all around me, and I begged Him for forgiveness. “O Lord, please take this death from me!”

The Lord’s mighty west wind swept the locusts away in a swift blow. They were swallowed up in the Red Sea; the sea that leads to the peaceful Land of Promise. Not one locust remained.

The sun began to shine again, and fruit began to grow. Peace filled the land, praise to His holy name. I was breathing again. I was living again.

Why then, Lord, am I still grieving the locusts?

Lord, forgive me for mourning what once stole my life. Even still, I thank You for bringing the locusts because they brought me to You, and more so I thank You for removing them. Thank You for showing me that You are the only thing worth treasuring. Take my life and use it for Your glory. In Jesus’ Name I pray with thanksgiving, Amen.